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Digital Profiles

All pupils have their own Digital Profile from Nursery to P7. 


Digital Profiles include the following…


Who am I in my learning?


* All about me - including personal information about the learner’s interests

* Skills for learning, life and work - including a learner’s strengths and developments in skills across learning

* Personal achievement - recognising the skills development and making the links between opportunities within and

   outwith the school curriculum (wider achievement)

* Learner’s Statement - learners producing a summative reflection of their learning over a period  of time


Where am I in my learning?


* Target setting with learners - reflecting on…

  • What do I want learners to know?

  • What do I want learners to be able to do?

  • How will learners know they’ve got there?

  • How will learners get there?

* Evaluating learning

* High quality feedback - including identified next steps

* Evidence of achievement - including ‘key assessment tasks’ and pupil ownership


Where do I want to get to?


* Aspirations - a learner’s long term goals and the progress they are making to

   achieve these targets within and outwith the school curriculum

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Please watch the videos below for an Introduction to your child's Digital Profile


Primary School

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