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Eco Team

We are all passionate about doing what we can to help our planet so we decided this year that the whole school, pupils and staff, would be in the Eco-Committee. Last year we were awarded our Green Flag.


We have weekly Eco Teams as well as all doing our best daily to be responsible, thinking about changes we can make to be more sustainable.

Please follow us on facebook and twitter to see updates or have a look at our Eco-Teams blog.


We have recently achieved our Eco-Schools Green Flag!

Eco-Schools supports schools in their work with Learning for Sustainability and Curriculum for Excellence and helps ensure our children and young people are equipped with skills that they need for the future. We have fun while learning about our environment and why it is important for our health, our business and our wildlife.                                                                      

Find out more about Eco-Schools Scotland at

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The Sustainable Development Goals are a set of global priorities for ensuring that economic, environmental, social and cultural wellbeing is achieved for everyone around the world. They are ambitious goals for governments across the world to achieve, but there is a lot we can do at school and at home to support them.

The goals aim to end poverty, protect the planet and try to make sure that everyone around the world is living comfortably.  All very important and worthwhile goals to work towards! Each goal has specific targets for governments to achieve over the next 14 years.


In Strontian Primary School we can help to support the meeting of these targets.  


Please click here to find out more.

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