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Internet Safety

Strontian Primary School is receiving exclusive access to the Safer Schools App. This is provided in partnership with Zurich Municipal and Ineqe Safeguarding Group.


What is the App?

The App is designed to support and protect children by educating and empowering them both at school and at home. Through their log-in, your children get access to information that is relevant to them and you will receive tips and advice on how to keep them safer online. 


The Safer Schools App is your school’s digital safeguarding communication and training toolkit. It has been designed by safeguarding professionals to help make your entire school community safer online. 


Scan the QR code (please contact school for this) to download the Safer Schools App for your device! Alternatively download straight from the App Store or Google Play by searching ‘Safer Schools’.

Excited? Ready to make your children safer?          Download the Safer Schools App now! 

Safer-Schools-Scotland-iOS-QR-code-download-the-app apple.png

Download on the App Store


Download on the Google Play Store

Login to your App


1. Select your school from the dropdown menu and click ‘continue’.


2. Enter the four digit entry code provided for your unique role - Parent/Pupil.

(These will have been shared with you via email/class dojo)

Make sure to enable push notifications to keep up-to-date with our tips, advice and guidance on how to make your children safer.

For more information on other useful resources please click the buttons below.

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