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As you walk around school you can’t help but notice the wide variety of literacy skills that are being used and practiced. Some examples of what you would have seen this week are…

  • Comprehension strategies - P4 enjoyed using highlighters while they were finding information in the text today. We looked for words, answered questions, matched meaning with vocabulary and lots more.

  • Writing letters - checking our targets

  • Before ok reviews - adding to our ongoing Book Scrap Book of recommendations

  • Re-telling stories - speaking and listening and in written words and pictures

  • The Reading Visitors Scrap Book - on display showing our latest Reading visitor and comments from the children

  • Reading - quietly, for enjoyment - some choose to at break time, and to others

  • Library visit - this time Helen recommended some new books and read one to us. Then we chose our own.

  • Learning to read - sound stars and phonicbooks every day!!

  • Small world play - making up imaginary stories and reenacting with peg pals.

  • Daily whole school reading for enjoyment after lunch.

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