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Santa's Workshop and A Mysterious Letter

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

What a surprise we had this morning when we got into school! The P1-4 classroom was now Santa's workshop. Thank you to the 2 elves who helped to create it on the weekend!

We also found a strange letter. It was from a mouse, not just any mouse but a mouse called Eli. He is all the way from the North Pole and has fallen off the sleigh last night when Mrs Claus had taken the sleigh out for a test drive, apparently something she does on the 1st December every year. She took a bit of a tight turn just above the school and Eli fell out. He had sneaked into the sleigh as he wanted to go on an adventure but it seems it has turned into more of an adventure than he bargained for! We found muddy footprints!! So, now he has a problem as obviously the sleigh doesn't come back until Christmas Eve. He needs somewhere to stay.

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